Respons Orang Hidup dengan HIV AIDS (OHIDHA) dalam Upaya Penanggulangan HIV AIDS di Kabupaten Sukoharjo dan Grobogan

Arrum Firda Ayu Maqfiroch • Zahroh Shaluhiyah
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Promotion • August 2014


Respons Of People Living With Hiv Aids To Control Hiv And Aids In Sukoharjo And Grobogan District; Controlling HIV and AIDS requird the involvement of various sector. One of the sector involved is People Living With HIV AIDS (PLWHA). PLWHA is a family member who lives with people living with HIV and provide support to people living with HIV. Stigma in Sukoharjo and Grobogan still high. This study aims to determine the factors that determine whether the PLWHA response in control to HIV and AIDS in Sukoharjo Grobogan . This research was a quantitative study with cross sectional approach. Quantitative data collection techniques through interviews with questionnaires . This research was supported by qualitative research with FGD. The number of respondents was 92 PLWHA, the proportionof 50% and 95% confidence interval . Analysis of the data using univariate analysis with frequency distribution, bivariate using Chi-Square and multivariate using logistic regression. The results showed that the variables related to the PLWHA response is a relationship with people living with HIV ( p =0,001 ) , long life with people living with HIV ( p = 0.030 ) , longer know the status of PLWHA ( 0.001) and attitude ( p = 0.005 ). Multivariate analysis showed that the attitude (p value = 0,006) was a variable that has the most significant effect compared to other variables. Advice given to the government is to provide socialization on HIV AIDS comprehensively to the whole society in order to increaseknowledge and attitude by involving health agencies , NGOs , religious leaders and community leaders. Socialization of comprehensive HIV and AIDS can reduce stigma in society . Given the stigma in society is still very high . If in each family have a knowledge on HIV AIDS comprehensively, then it will not happen stigma in society .




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