Bisakah Film Drama Korea Membuat Remaja Kita Aman dari Hubungan Seks Pranikah dan HIV-AIDS?

Kurnia Ramadhani • Zahroh Shaluhiyah • Antono Suryoputro
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Promotion • January 2014


Could Korean Drama make Our Adolescent is Safe from Premarital Sex and HIV-AIDS?; Korean drama is famous among adolescents and being role model. Korean drama is safe for adolescents in sexual content. This study aims to descript relationship script in Korean drama to find the meaning and its implication for premarital sex and HIV-AIDS. This study used qualitative approach. The samples were two Korean dramas which were taken using purposive technique: Naughty Kiss and Protect The Boss with total 34 episodes. Triangulation was done among high school students in Semarang. Data was analyzed using thematic content analysis.The result showed that relationship was needed a long process dan sex was done only after commited. Consequently, adolescents learnt how to make relationship including sexual acitivities in a relationship. As film was showed, only kissing was adopted by adolescent in reality and they were believed that sex only done in marriage. The script of Korean drama could support abstinence as HIV-AIDS prevention. However, some findings were needed to be awared such as the easiness of kissing and sleeping together as well as there were no explanation about the health concequences of being abstinent in relationship. Adolescents' discussion was needed to criticize the portrayals' meaning, implications and consequences for the prevention of risky sexual behaviour and HIV-AIDS.




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