Petugas Lapangan sebagai Ujung Tombak Jumlah Pengunjung Klinik VCT

Evicenna Naftuchah Riani • Zahroh Shaluhiyah • Laksmono Widagdo
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Promotion • August 2014


Field Officer Spearhead VCT Clinic Number of Visitors; VCT is the entrance to the treatmentand care of people living with HIV. Network implementation of outreach is one way to increase the number of VCT clinic visits. The purpose of this study is to understand the causes of the problems in all district outreach activities. This research is descriptive explanatory with qualitative methods. Collecting data using in-depth interviews with field staff of researchers, counselors and doctors CST. The results showed that the implementation of the outreach done by field officers. Pattern lock outreach populations by field officers to the key population willing to do a VCT. Outreach strategy still pick up the ball with the mobile VCT. Achievement targets are achieved, namely outreach seks workers (152%) and transvestites (160 %). whereas MSM, customer / HRM and IDU did not reach the target because the population is not willing to open his identity. In the mobile VCT services not performed post-test counseling to open the results, thus causing thepopulation does not want to do a key inspection VCT. There has been no outreach planning of coordination between field officers, VCT team, Department of Health and AIDS Prevention Commission all district. Pretest counseling services on mobile VCT services is not only done by the counselors but also done by an intern. The absence of SOP and SOP outreach, VCT and PITC.




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