Sikap Ibu Rumah Tangga terhadap Tes HIV/AIDS di Sleman YOGYAKARTA

Nanik Setiyawati • Zahroh Shaluhiyah • Kusyogo Cahyo
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Promotion • January 2014 Indonesia


Attitudes Towards Testing For HIV/AIDS Among Housewife In Sleman Yogyakarta; Casesof HIV/AIDS on housewives is increasing and in Sleman district there have been cases of death of a housewife. HIV/AIDS testing is the gateway program management and prevention of HIV/AIDS, but no visits to the health center VCT in Sleman. Study was to determine the attitude of the housewife to test HIV/AIDS in Sleman. This research is a qualitative research Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and triangulation with indepth interview. Informants totaling 48 people, divided into 8 groups of FGD and 2 people for triangulation. Data analysis with content analysis. The results of this study illustrate that the entire group of housewives support HIV/AIDS test. The group housewife with a husband instead of contracting HIV vulnerable groups considered unlikely housewives infected with HIV and men who have an HIV test. Only the group of housewives who live in the village of care HIV/AIDS who knows about the definition, causes, transmission, treatment HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS testing. The attitude of the whole group of housewives to test for HIV/AIDS affected by the husband's attitude towards HIV/AIDS test.




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