Tradisi Kekerasan Seksual Sebagai Simbol Kekuasaan Pada Anak Jalanan Di Kota Semarang

Aditya Kusumawati • Zahroh Shaluhiyah • Antono Suryoputro
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Promotion • January 2014 Indonesia


Sexual Abuse Tradition among Street Children in Semarang Municipality; Street children is the high risk group of many harmful than others. It caused the effect wasn't simple like their understanding about sexual abuse. Based on Komisi Nasional Perlindungan Anak data, sexual abuse cases among children in Indonesia as long as 2008 increase to 30% or 4,2 cases per day. Komnas Anak decided 2013 be the “Sexual Crime National Emergency among Children”. Study purposed was to know the image of sexual abuse among street children in Semarang Municipality. Population are street children in Semarang Municipality and the subject are street children by sexual abuse experience in rape category and suit to inclusion criteria choosen by purposive sampling method. There are 5 persons. Primary data collection through in-depth interviews and observation. Data analysis was developed by data reduction, data display, and conclusions. The kinds of sexual abuse were per vaginal rape, per anal rape, commited by personal or collective. Sexual abuse carried out by whoever, in wherever, and whenever. The effects are psichology, social, and physic. Sexual abuse among street children is part of social norm and developed be the unconcious sexual abuse tradition. The result is majority of street children still got the sexual experience even increasing nowadays. Suggests are optimalization the program and cooperation all of side, such as Dinas Sosial, Dinas Kesehatan, LSM, Lembaga Perlindungan Perempuan dan Anak, Lembaga Hukum, and others researcher to tackling the sexual abuse among street children.




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