Penguasaan Perbendaharaan Bahasa Melayu Standard Dalam Kalangan Pelajar Melayu Di Sekolah Pondok Di Patani, Thailand

Phaosan Jehwae
Journal article Jurnal Pustaka Budaya • 2016 Thailand

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 21 pages)


The understanding vocabularies and structures of standard Malay Language is very important. Malay language contributed widely in the northern part of Thai and it is practiced by people formally. That is to teach about various knowledge of Islam. After Thai kingdom required all religious schools to use Thai language in all subjects. Thai government also starts to pay salary to every teacher who teaches secular subjects. Except religious subjects, Malay language has decreased. Thai language is practiced in schools rather than Malay language. The understanding about the background of students of Patani is very important because it is related to their knowledge to use Standard Malay language. Their understanding in Standard Malay Language is very low. It is then giving negative impact on the use of Standar Malay Language in daily life.




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