Pengaruh Pengelolaan Faktor Internal USAhatani Terhadap Produktivitas Lada Di Provinsi Lampung / the Effect of Internal Farming Management Factors on the Pepper Productivity in Lampung Province

Robet Asnawi • Zahara Zahara • Ratna Wylis Arief
Journal article Industrial Crops Research Journal • June 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Area and pepper production in Lampung were decreased from time to time and potential to become extinct if it isn't immediate treatment seriously. The study were to analyze the effect of internal factors of farming management on pepper productivity in Lampung Province which is expected to provide benefits for preparing pepper development policy in the future. The study was conducted in North Lampung, East Lampung, and Way Kanan regency, from January to December 2014. The study used survey methods and interview with structured questionaire with sample of 180 people which are stratified by: a) farmers who have planted pepper but he is not planting pepper anymore; b) farmers growing pepper with conventional technology introduction; and c) farmers who plant pepper with recommendations technology package of IAARD. The results showed that technically of internal pepper farm management factors that affect on pepper production in Lampung is acreage, NPK Phonska, SP36 fertilization, and application of pepper monoculture cropping. Efforts to increase pepper production in Lampung could be achieved through the addition of pepper acreage supported with intensive handling pepper plants through cultivation technology properly such as NPK Phonska fertilization, SP36 fertilization, and the application of pepper monoculture cropping. The development of a relatively good price of pepper last two years should be a momentum for the revival pepper in Lampung. Support technological innovation needs to be improved through the assistance and support on the implementation of SOP accompanied by an increase farmers' access to production inputs especially fertilizer.




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