Potensi Bakteri Endofit Dalam Upaya Meningkatkan Pertumbuhan, Produksi, Dan Kandungan Andrografolid Pada Tanaman Sambiloto

Gusmaini Gusmaini • Sandra Arifin Aziz • Abdul Munif • Didy Sopandie • Nurliani Bermawie
Journal article Industrial Crops Research Journal • December 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Endophytic bacteria live within healthy plant tissue and playimportant roles, such as producing compounds of plant growth regulatorssubstances such as IAA, GA 3 , and Cytokinin. The aims of this research isto evaluate the potential of endophytic bacteria to promote the growth,andrographolide content, and dry matter yield of king of bitter. Theresearch was conducted in the greenhouse of Cimanggu Balittro in October2011-May 2012. Treatments were arranged in a randomized completeblock design with six treatments and four replications. Treatments consistof (1) control, and 5 kinds of endophytic bacteria isolates such as (2)20BB, (3) 5MD, (4) 20BD, (5) 20CD (treatments no.2-5, consisted of 4types of isolate), and (6) 90AA (single isolate). The highest presentage ofplant height and number of primary branches were obtained from thetreatment of 20CD (24.7%) and 20BB (42.2%). Increase in the dry herbyield of 25-82.81% was in agreement with increasing in uptake of N (64.7-158.8%), P (50-100%), and K (65-155%). The best treatment with whichyielding high of dry herbs and andrographolide was 20CD isolates (82.81and 142.11%), followed with 20 BB (88.75 and 131.58%), and 20 BD(65.63 and 131.58%). The study implies that endophytic bacteria havepotential for development of king of bitter cultivation.




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