Respon Varietas Wijen (Sesamum Indicum L.) Secara Tumpangsari Dengan Jarak Kepyar (Ricinus Communis L.) Terhadap Pertumbuhan Dan Hasil

Amik Krismawati
Journal article Industrial Crops Research Journal • March 2008

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Response of sesamum variety as intercrops with castor ontheir growth and yieldThe experiment was conducted in the Experimental Garden of theIndonesian Tobacco and Fibre Crops Research Institute in Malang, fromMay to October 2001. The objective of the study was to find out thevariety of sesame which is suitable for intercropping with castor. A stripplot design was used with three replications. The factorial treatmentconsisted of two factors. The first factor was castor varieties (Asembagus81 and Asembagus 104). The second factor was sesame varieties(Sumberrejo 1 and Sumberrejo 2). In each replication, castor and sesamevarieties were planted as monocultures. The plot size was 6 m x 6 m,castor and sesame plant spacing were 2 m x 2 m and 0,50 m x 0,25 mrespectively. The results showed that the intercropping of sesameSumbererjo 1 variety and castor Asembagus 104 variety produced 632,55gram sesame seed per plot and 637,63 gram seed castor per plot. Thehighest relative total yield on intercropping castor and sesame wasobtained by Asembagus 104 and Sumberrejo 1 at 1,787 and the lowestrelative total yield was obtained by Asembagus 104 and Sumberrejo 2 at1,687. RYT value of the intercropping system was more than one which isconsidered as efficient in land use.




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