Formulasi Fly Spray Dari Ekstrak Piretrum Dan Effektivitasnya Terhadap Serangga Rumah Tangga

Sri Yuliani • Tritianingsih Tritianingsih • Sofyan Rusli
Journal article Industrial Crops Research Journal • September 2003

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Fly spray formulation of pyrethrum extract and its effectiveness on housefliesThe production of ly spray formula with active ingredient pyrethrum extract and its efficacy on houselics were conducted from Apil to October 2001 at (he Research Institute for Spice and Medicinal Crops, Bogor and at Entomology laboratory of FKH - IPB. The formula was made from pyrethrum extract, citronella oil, sesame oil, natalein, pine oil and solvent, i.e pertasol CB and LAWS. The parameters observed were the variation concentration of pyrethrum extract (0.041% and 0.051%), added with pine oil (0%, 0.1%), natalein (0%, 1.0%) and solvents (LAWS and pertasol CB). The eficacy lest was conducted on houselies which included housely, mosquito, ant and cockroach. The result showed that F> and Fi were ihe most effective to M. domeslica and Fi is the selected formula. Fi was effective to Cx. qumquefasciatus mosquito which killed 92% of the mosquito in two minutes, and very effective to Ponera sp ants which killed 100% in iwo minutes, and less effective to B. germanica cockroach which killed 90% in half hour. The Fj formula was made from pyrethrum extract with 0.041% piretrin, 0.1% citronella oil, 3% sesame oil, 1% natalein and LAWS solvent LAWS was the best solvent for the formula.




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