Induksi Dan Regenerasi Kalus Keladi Tikus (Typonium Flagelliforme. Lodd. ) Secara in Vitro

Sitti Fatimah Syahid • Natalini Nova Kristina
Journal article Industrial Crops Research Journal • December 2007

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Induction and regeneration of Rodent tuber calli throughin vitro cultureRodent tuber plant (Typonium flagelliforme Lodd) is commonlypropagated vegetatively, the repro its genetic variation is narrow. Aresearch to increase the genetic variability of the plant was conducted inTissue Culture Laboratory of the Indonesian Medicinal and AromaticResearch Institute, Bogor from April to December 2005. The leaf ofRodent tuber in vitro used as an explants. Murashige and Skoog (MS)medium used as basic medium, supplemented with vitamin from B group,sucrose 30 g/l was added into the medium as carbon source. The researchconsist of two steps : 1) calli induction and 2) calli regeneration. Thetreatment tested in first step : 2.4-D 0.1 mg/l; 2.4-D 0.5 mg/l; 2.4-D 1,0mg/l; 2.4-D 0.1 + kinetin 0.1 mg/l; 2.4-D 0.5 mg/l + kinetin 0.1 mg/l; 2.4-D 1.0 mg/l + kinetin 0,1 mg/l; 2.4-D 0.1 mg/l + kinetin 0.3 mg/l; 2.4-D 0.5mg/l + kinetin 0.3 mg/l and 2.4-D 1.0 mg/l + kinetin 0.3 mg/l. In thesecond steps, several concentration of BA were tested i.e: BA 0,1 mg/l ;BA 0,3 mg/l and BA 0,5 mg/l. The experiment was arranged incompletely randomized design with factorial pattern. Each treatmentconsist of five replications. The parameters observed were time of calliinitiation, texture, colour of calli and number of shoot and leaves inregeneration. The result showed that calli can be induced on 2.4-D 1.0mg/l + kinetin 0.1 mg/l and 2.4-D 1.0 mg/l + kinetin 0.3 mg/l, eight to tenweeks after culture. The best medium for shoots regeneration contains 2.4-D 1.0 mg/l + kinetin 0.3 mg/l with 0.3 mg/l BA, with mean result of 13.2shoots and 4.4 leaves.




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