Analisis Keberlanjutan Adopsi Kapas Transgenik Di Sulawesi Selatan

Agus Wahyudi • Syahrial Taher • Rahmi Watt
Journal article Industrial Crops Research Journal • December 2003 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Analysis of sustainability of transgenic cotton adoption in South SulawesiThe adoption of transgenic conon that has been introduced since 2000 in seven regencies of South Sulawesi need to be evaluated further. The objective of the study was to analyze factors which influenced the adoption of transgenic cotton by the farmers in the introduction area. The research frame used is sustainability of adoption depend on characteistics of subjects and innovation and physical and social environment. Citeia used to determine research area were distribution and coverage of transgenic conon farms, distibution pattern of rainfall, and time of harvest. The area chosen were Regency of Bantaeng, Takalar, Gowa, and Bulukumba. The sampling method used was simple random sampling, since the population was relatively homogen. The results of the analysis indicated that more than SO % of the farmers had a chance to stop adopting the transgenic conon. Il happened because the farmers were uncapablc to take the isk of transgenic coton farming which was very high, while the income rom this farming was not stable. However, the adoption of transgenic cotton is potential in the area where the climate is suitable and compatible with the seasons and existing farming system.




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