Variasi Genetik, Heritabilitas, Dan Korelasi Genotipik Sifat-sifat Penting Tanaman Wijen (Sesamum Indicum L.)

Sudarmadji Sudarmadji • Rusim Mardjono • Hadi Sudarmo
Journal article Industrial Crops Research Journal • September 2007 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Genetic variations, heritability and genotypic correlationsof important characteristics of sesame (Sesamum indicumL.)The experiment was conducted to evaluate genetic variations,heritability, and genotypic correlations of important characteristics ofsesame. The experiment was located at Pasirian Research Station,Lumajang, East Java from April 2002 – August 2003. Randomized blockdesign with three replications was used in the experiment. The result of theexperiment showed that: (1) generally, the genetic variations for all traitswere high enough, (2) the heritability values (in broad sense) on plantheight, flowering time, harvest time, number of branches per plant, numberof pods per plant, length of pods, 1000-seed weight, and grain yield perhectare were high, indicating that the inheritance of these traits were simpleinheritance and selection can be performed in early generation, and (3) inSbr 1 X Si 13 crosses, plant height and 1000-seeed weight had genotypiccorrelation with grain yield per hectare, then plant height and number ofbranches per plant had genotypic correlation with grain yield per hectare inSbr 1 X Si 22, and Sbr 1 X Si 26 crosses.




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