Penetapan Keragaman Genetik Nilam (Pogostemon SP.) Hasil Fusi Protoplas Dengan Teknik Rapd

Yang Nuryani • Otih Rostiana • Cheppy Syukur
Journal article Industrial Crops Research Journal • June 2002 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


S Assessment of genetic variability of patchoulli (Pogostemon sp.,) derived from protoplast fussion using RAPD Somatic hybrids of Pogostemon heyneaneus (cv. Girilaya) X P. cablin (cv. Sidikalang and TT 75) were tested for their genetic variability and relationship. The somatic hybrids tested were 9 II 33, 9 II 21, 2 IV 8, 9 IV14, 9 II 7 and 9 II 10. DNA of the plant materials used were extracted by using the modified method of orozcocastulo et al. (1994) and quantified spectrophotometrically according to SAMBROOK el al. (1989). Five random primers, OPD 03. OPD 20, OPH 09. OPH 19 and Abi 117.17, were applied to amplify the extracted DNA. The genetic relationship among the somatic hybrids were estimated by using the index of similarity to perform genctical matrix and dendogram. Index of similarity among genotypes were calculated by using NTsys ver. 1.80 program. Then, cluster analyses to perform dendogram were achieved based on similarity estimates by using the Unweighted Pair-Group Method Arithmetic Average (UPGMA). Results showed that index of similarities of the amplified DNA from 5 random primers ranged from 0.48 to 1.0. The somatic hybrids and their parental plants subjected to RAPD analyses were classified into 2 major groups, first, the parental group of Java patchouli and second, others parental plants, Aceh patchouli (Sidikalang and TT 75), and the somatic hybrids. The second group was then classified into 2 minor groups. First group consisted of somatic hybrids nos. 9 II 33 and 9 II 7, while the second were classified into 2 groups which consisted nos. 9 II 21, S, TT 75 and nos. 2 IV 8, 9 IV 14 and 9 II 10.




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