Dampak Perubahan Iklim Terhadap Produktivitas Pucuk Teh Pada Berbagai Ketinggian Tempat / Impact of Climate Changes on Leaves Productivity in Various Elevation Levels

Salwa L. Dalimoenthe • Restu Wulansari • Erdiansyah Rezamela
Journal article Industrial Crops Research Journal • September 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Rainfall is one of the climate elements influence the growth and leaves productivity of tea plant. During 2005-2014 El-Nino has been happen with strong intensity in late 2009 and early 2010. El Nino influence on changes in rainfall patterns and decreasing leaves production. This experiment was conducted to determine the impact of climate change on leaves productivity at each elevation level of tea plantation. The experiments conducted in 9 tea plantation in West Java, grouped in to 3 different elevation levels based on Schoorel 1974, low elevation level plantaion (<800 above MSL), medium elevation level (800-1200 above MSL), high elevation level plantation (>1200 above MSL) and presented in histogram and graphic to descript the annual distribution pattern. The results showed that the decreasing rainfall pattern in high and middle elevation tea plantation in 2010-2014 (after El-Nino) compare to 2005- 2009 (before El-Nino). The productivity of the tea plant at each elevation in 2011-2014 was lower than in 2005-2008. In high elevation tea plantation there is a close relationship between decreased in rainfall patterns followed by a decrease in productivity with linear regression value R2 = 0.85.




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