The Saliency of Stakeholders

Pura A., Agus Hasan
Journal article Bina Ekonomi • 2009


Stakeholder management is generally viewed as a partnering between the firm and the who the firm considers to its stakeholders and involves "communicating, negotiating, contracting and managing relationship" (freeman, 2004). Managers cannot attend to all of the actual and potential claims of all the stakeholders, the issue of the "Who and What" do managers pay attention and how they go about making this determination are depend on stakeholders saliency. Stakeholders salience explain the condition under which managers pay attention to certain classes of stakeholders and how they prioritize stakeholder relationship. They posit that stakeholders identification and salience is a function of managers perceptions of stakeholders as possessing one or more relationships attributes : the stakeholders power influence the organization, the legitimacy of stakeholders relationship with the organization, and the urgency of stakeholders claim on the organization.




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