Pengaruh Filtrat Bakteri Endofit Terhadap Mortalitas, Penetasan Telur Dan Populasi Nematoda Peluka Akar Pratylenchus Brachyurus Pada Nilam

Rita Harni • Supramana Supramana • Meity S. Sinaga • Giyanto Giyanto • Supriadi Supriadi
Journal article Industrial Crops Research Journal • March 2010 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Effect of culture filtrates endophytic bacteria on themortality, hatching eggs and population of root lesionnematodes Pratylenchus brachyurus on patchouliRoot lesion nematode (Pratylenchus brachyurus) is an importantpathogen of patchouli in Indonesia and causes significant losses. Controlsystem that are done today is using synthetic pesticides. The use ofsynthetic pesticides is a continuing threat to the environment and humanhealth. However, endophytic bacterial culture filtrates may be used as oneof the nematode control that is environmentally friendly. Effect of culturefiltrates endophytic bacteria on the mortality, hatching eggs and populationroot lesion nematodes Pratylenchus brachyurus on patchouli has beendone in vitro and greenhouse. The results showed that the culture filtrate ofendophytic bacteria produced metabolite toxic to nematodes and wereable to kill P. brachyurus 100% within 24 hours with LC 50 7.709%. TT2and EH11 isolates showed high killing power of 91-100%. The culturefiltrates also inhibited hatching of P. brachyurus eggs compared withcontrols. Not all culture filtrates can suppress the nematode population inthe roots of patchouli. EH11 isolates filtrate really pressing nematodepopulations compared to other isolates.




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