Stabilitas Hasil Lima Nomor Harapan Kencur

Otih Rostiana • Wawan Haryudin • Rosita Smd Smd
Journal article Industrial Crops Research Journal • December 2006 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Stability of five promissing Galanga lines productionBreeding of Galanga was focused on the improvement of rhizomeyield and quality based on the Indonesian Materia Medica Standard, toincrease farmers' income. Based on the selection on rhizome yield andquality, 5 accession numbers were selected as promising lines for theirhigh rhizome yield (>40 g/tiller) and essential oil contents (> 1.5%), e.g.V1, V2, V3, V4 and V5. All numbers were subjected to multilocation testsat 5 locations, e.g. Cileungsi (80 m asl) and Cijeruk (650 m asl) (Bogor),Subang (80 m asl), Sumedang (550 m asl) and Sukamulya (350 m asl)(Sukabumi), for 2 planting-seasons (2002/2003 and 2003/2004). Experi-ments were arranged in a randomized-block design, with 6 replications,plant spacing 20 cm x 20 cm, plot size of 4 x 1 m2, and population 100plants/plot. The research results showed that the highest average ofrhizome yield was performed by V4 (53.58 g/tiller, equal to 10.7 t/ha),with essential oil content 6.64% and specifically adaptable to the sameagro-climate as the environment conditions at Cijeruk (Bogor), Sumedangand Sukamulya (Sukabumi). Meanwhile, V2 with the highest diameter ofrhizome (2,089 cm), stable at 4 out of 5 locations and responsive tofertilizer application. On the other hand, V3 with the average of rhizomeyield 51.98 g/tiller, equal to 10.4 t/ha, specifically adaptable to the agro-climate similar to the environment conditions at Cileungsi, Cijeruk(Bogor) and its native, Sumedang.




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