Improving Speaking Skillthrough Suggestopedia

Putu Ayu Paramita Dharmayanti
Journal article Jurnal Santiaji Pendidikan • 2016


Speaking skill is considered as an important skill in learning foreign language especially English. However, most students still face many difficulties during their learning to this skill. The undertaking of the present classroom action research dealt with improving speaking skill through Suggestopedia. The research is intended to know whether or not suggestopedia can improve the speaking skill of the first semester students of EESP Mahasaraswati Denpasar. This classroom action research consisted of some cycles and in each cycle there were two sessions. This study used research instruments in the form of pre-test, post-test, and questionnaire. After the application of Suggestopedia, the mean scores of cycle I and II was higher than mean score of the Initial Reflection (IR) that showed the improvement of the students’ speaking skill through Suggestopedia. This research furthermore showed the students gave their positive responses to the implementation of Suggestopedia in learning speaking. To sum up, the present classroom action research proved that speaking skill of the first semester students of EESP Mahasaraswati Denpasar the can be improved through Suggestopedia.




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