Masterplanpenatakelolaandistribusi Bantuan Bencana Dengan Konsep Internet of Things (Iot) Di Propinsi Maluku Utara

Mohamad Jamil • Mohamad Ridwan Lessy • Muhamad Said
Journal article Sriwijaya Journal of Information Systems • April 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Disaster management was needed to prevent and reduce the losses arising from the disaster, either in the form of loss of property and material, as well as guarantee the implementation of adequate assistance to victims of natural disasters. The management starting from before, during and after the disaster. At the time when the disaster occurs, usually the aid distribution mechanisms is not yet fully organized properly. The procedure hierarchy demanding process that should be run quickly becoming a bit slow. Consequently, it needs a procedure that can be processed quickly, precisely, accountable for and guarantee of public services. therefore related to governance mechanisms, it could help distribution properly and right on target. This study aims to develop a Masterplan of disaster aid distribution by utilizing the Internet Of Things (IOT). Through this research, we expected mechanisms, procedures and monitoring of the distribution of disaster relief could be better controlled since the beginning of the disaster relief request to distribution to the point of the disaster area




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