Pemanfaatan Biochar Asal Cangkang Kelapa Sawit Untuk Meningkatkan Serapan Hara Dan Sekuestrasi Karbon Pada Media Tanah Lithic Hapludults Di Pembibitan Kelapa Sawit

Laksmita Prima Santi
Journal article Indonesian Soil and Climate Journal • 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


. The potential of biochar derived from oil palm kernel shell to be used as a soil amendment seems promising for sustaining oil palm plantation in marginal land. This study was conducted to investigate the effects of three biochar dosages (50; 100; and 150 gram) in combination with 75% NPK-Mg dosages per seedling on the growth of oil palm seedling, nutrient uptake and carbon sequestration in the nursery stage. A field experiment was conducted at PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk, Central Kalimantan in March 2015- April 2016. Experiment was arranged in a completely randomized block design (CRBD) with five treatments and twenty replications i.e: (i) 100% standard dosage NPK-Mg per seed (control); (ii) 75% standard dosage NPK-Mg per seed; (iii) 75% standard dosage NPK-Mg + 50 g biochar per seed; (iv) 75% standard dosage NPK-Mg + 100 g biochar per seed; and (v) 75% standard dosage NPK-Mg + 150 g biochar per seed. The best vegetative growth performance of oil palm seedlings in Lithic Hapludults soil was shown by the application of 75% standard dosage of NPK-Mg fertilizers in combination with 150 gram biochar per seed. This treatment increased height (33.9%); leaf number (36.2%); stem diameter (28.9%); length and width of the leaf (22.6 and 33.3%), dry weight of oil palm seedlings, especially roots (65.2%), CEC (17.2%), and organic C (26.9%). This treatment also showed the highest absorption of N in leaves of oil palm seedlings, but no differences were observed for P and K uptakes compared to the treatment of 100% dosage of NPK-Mg fertilizer. On the basis of these results, the 75% dosage of NPK-Mg combined with 150 g of biochar per seed can be recommended for use on oil palm seedlings.




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