Aktifitas Komunikasi Dan Informasi Melalui Internet (Survai Pada Masyarakat Kota Makassar, Kecamatan Biringkanaya,kelurahan Paccerakkang)

Muhammad Rustam
Journal article Jurnal Studi Komunikasi dan Media • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Background of this research is to study phenomenon of communication activities and public information by individuals associated with many current alternatives in respect of ICT development, this study focuseson that phenomenon according to four indicators. By survey method, study concludes that E-mail is a very familiachannel among community. Based on the distribution, frequentcy of accessing a web page, respondents are divided into two group : respondents who do not and very often. Respondents who answered frequently access Internet using email media. All respondents recognized web page once they access. Proportion of the most accessed web pages are like Facebook, Yahoo mail, or news portal. Related how frequently access web pages related to the interests of the move to communicate and informed the web pages are the most frequently accessed Facebook Webpage. Other Webpage relatively dominant frequently accessed is Yahoo mail. While other web pages that are relatively widely accessible web page like Yahoo Messenger, News Portal, Google Mail, and Youtube. Overall, majority of community members have scores were related communication activities and information via internet. Respondents low scores indicate significance even though few in number. Furthermore, respondents who had high scores is still relatively small.




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