Microsoft Mouse Mischief: Memfasilitasi Pembelajaran Interaktif, Kolaburatif Dan Menarik Tingkat Sekolah Dasar

Arbi Haza Nasution

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Rapid advance of technology can be very helpful in improving the quality of education The need for technology in education has always been strongly linked with a big fund, so that often impede the use of technology in teaching and learning at the primary school level. The research objective is to facilitate teachers to create interactive presentations that engage and evoke the spirit and the attention of every student in the classroom with minimal funds. The development method of this learning application is Waterfall model by using the Microsoft Mouse Mischief and Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Conclusions drawn from the results of early qualitative analysis revealed three main benefits of interactive, collaborative and engaging learning with the Microsoft Mouse Mischief: (a) children showed higher levels of engagement, (b) children tend to be more active in the group, and (c) children prefer to play while learning on the big screen using the mouse input. Keywords— Microsoft Mouse Mischief, distributed computing, ICT in learning, open source system & technology




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