Pengaruh Pencapaian Kebijakan Penerapan Bea Ekspor Dan Gernas Kakao Terhadap Kinerja Industri Hilir Dan Penerimaan Petani Kakao (Suatu Pendekatan Dinamika Sistem)

Abdul Muis Hasibuan • Rita Nurmalina • Agus Wahyudi
Journal article Journal of Industrial and Beverage Crops • 2012 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


Indonesia is one of main producing countries of cocoa in the world. Most products yielded is however in form of processed cocoa due to the cocoa processing industries are not developed well. The objectives of this study was to analyze the impact of “Gernas” (National action) and export tax policy on cocoa downstream industry performance and farmers' revenue. This study used secondary data and system dynamic approach. The analysis showed that the actual conditions of the cocoa processing industry's ability to absorb production of cocoa bean during period of 2008-2025 has been in declining trend, as well as share of processed cocoa export and farmers' revenue. Applying of gernas and export tax policy scenario simultaniously was able to increase the ability of processing industry to absorb domestic production of cocoa beans and the share of processed cocoa export. However, the policies are only able to raise the revenue of farmers who join the “Gernas” policy, while the farmers who do not follow the program, have lower revenue than the actual conditions. As a whole, the policies tend to give positive impact for processing industry of coca bean, but not for those farmers who do not follow the programs




Journal of Industrial and Beverage Crops

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