Pengembangan Dan Diseminasi Inovasi Teknologi Pertanian Mendukung Optimalisasi Pengelolaan Lahan Kering Masam

Irawan Irawan • Ai Dariah • Achmad Rachman
Journal article Jurnal Sumberdaya Lahan • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


. The role of upland acid soils in supporting national agricultural development is very important to fulfill national food needs as well as to develop estate plantations. The level of productivity achieved on upland acid soils was still lower than its potential, so the optimation approach should be one of the priorities of the agricultural development in the future. Since the level of soil fertility on upland acid soils is generally low, then it is needed the input of various technological innovations, both to overcome the limiting factor of land as well as to optimize its productivity. Development of technological innovation management on upland acid soils has produced some prospective technologies, such as enrichment of P and K elements technology, the technique of lime application, as well as soil and water conservation technology. Most of dissemination problems related to adoption and yield gaps, and farmers' socio-economic aspect. Most of the upland acid soils farmers managed the land in subsistence, low soil productivity, high gap on yield and technology adoption, and its continuation of farming development was not noted, hence gave impact to land degradation processes. To overcome such problems in perspective of dissemination aspect, it needs innovation dissemination model based on required information technology which utilizes a variety of dissemination means and communication channels of related stakeholders. Dissemination through multi-media channel systems approach may allow agricultural technology innovations to distribute quickly to its users.




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