Teknologi Pemupukan Mendukung Jarwo Super

Husnain Husnain • Dedi Nursyamsi • Muhammad Syakir
Journal article Jurnal Sumberdaya Lahan • July 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


. Breakthrough program called Jarwo Super is an integration of various technologies of IAARD is expected to increase rice productivity. The program includes in Jarwo Super are Jajar Legowo (skip row), mechanization, high yield variety, balance fertilization with optimal dose (using paddy soil test kits PUTS), rice straw management (using decomposer M-Dec), the use of biofertilizers (Agrimeth) and biopesticides. Proper fertilizer management of inorganic, organic and biofertilizer will contributed significantly in the Jarwo Super Technology. In general, fertilizer contribute at least 20% in agricultural production systems. Thus, the fertilizer recommendation must consider soil nutrient status and high nutrient uptake by new variety. The use of organic materials such as rice straw which is abundant in rice fields should be encouraged recall straw compost contains variety of nutrients, especially K and Si as well as having the function of improving the physical and biological soil. Decomposer is required to speed up the decomposition process. Various microbes in the soil play important function in the soil such as decomposition of organic matter, destroying the toxic components, inorganic transformation, N fixation, Rhizobacteria, and plant protection. Isolation of microbes which having improtant function as mention above became the key in formulation of biofertilizer. Biofertilizer can be used as a seed treatment, soil and plants according to their function. Various types of fertilizers (inorganic, organic, biofertilizer) that is produced and commercially used should be regulated to protect farmer as the most user.




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