Computer System Sales of Goods and Handphone in Stores "Chantik Celluler" Using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

Yuni Marlyna • Yuce Yuliani., Skom, Mmsi

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On the application of sales and sales report provides convenience to the user toinput the data and then processes it and produces the desired output. Theimplementation of data processing using computer applications using MicrosoftVisual Basic 6.0.Process sales at stores that previously Chantik manual Celluler experienced manydifficulties in implementing the sales process, especially in making sales reportsthat are not effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the authors tried to make anapplication program Chantik Celluler sales at stores using the facilities availablein Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to make the sales process and simplify the checkoutin the preparation of reports to be submitted to the leadership of the store.




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