Kontribusi Kompetensi Teknik Pengukuran Dan Membaca Gambar Kerja Pada Hasil Belajar Praktikum Pemesinan Siswa SMKN 1 Trenggalek

Wahyu Dwi Lestari • Maftuchin Maftuchin

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


This study aims to determine the contribution of competency measurement techniques and read working drawings on learning outcomes practicum class XI machining machining techniques at SMK 1 Psychology. The population in this study were 65 students and the samples taken are a number of populations. The instrument used to collect data in the form of tests , and documentation . The data have been collected subsequently processed to test the validity of the test , reliability , description of research results , and the correlation between variables . After testing instrument , the test has a very high reliability , that is equal to 0.898 and 0.826 . The results of the analysis of the data suggests that 15.38 % of students competence in measurement techniques are not yet competent in the criteria , 40 % of working drawings are reading competence on criteria not competent , then the results of the machining lab study 13.85% were not competent in the criteria . Hypothesis testing performed demonstrated learning outcomes machining lab has a dependence on competency measurement techniques by 16.1 % , while the reading competence of working drawings of 19.3 % and the effective contribution of the two independent variables is equal to 27.2 %




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