Pengaruh Jumlah Kotoran Sapi Terhadap Konsentrasi Gas Amonia (Nh3) Di Dalam Rumah ( Studi Kasus : Desa Dalangan Kelurahan Sumogawe, Kecamatan Getasan, Kabupaten Semarang)

Ramadhian Latief • Endro Sutrisno • Mochtar Hadiwidodo
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Lingkungan • 2014 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Farm business is one of the main activities performed highland peoples of Central Java Dalangan precisely in the Village , Village Sumogawe , Getasan district , Semarang regency which has a method of farming in the house . So that residents can be exposed to ammonia gas due to digestive indoor air that can cause health effects . Measurements carried out in the cage behind the kitchen , family room , kitchen , bedroom and living room using Nessler method with varying the amount of impurities of 100 kg , 200 kg , 300 kg , 400 kg and 500 kg . Sources of air pollutants such as ammonia gas one of which comes from cow dung . One of the air pollutants such as ammonia gas whose concentration is in excess of 17 mg/m3 . Measurements carried out in the house with the condition of the house into a corral that is limited only by the door . The highest concentration of ammonia gas in the cage 33.934 mg/m3 , at 15.649 mg/m3 dirty kitchen area , family room with 15.501 mg/m3 concentration , and kitchen clean with a concentration mg/m3 12.348 , 10.153 mg/m3 bedroom , and living room 4.041 mg/m3




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