Improvement of Sand Tailing Fertility Derived From Post Tin Mining Using Leguminous Crop Applied by Compost and Mineral Soil

Dedik Budianta • Nuni Gofar • Gusti Aditya Andika
Journal article Journal of Tropical Soils • September 2013 Indonesia • Malaysia

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The research was aimed to study the potency of two leguminous cover crops in enhancing tailing fertility of post tin mining with and without addition of mineral soil  and compost. This pot experiment was carried out in Greenhouse of Soil Science Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Sriwijaya University from November 2011 until March 2012. Design experiment used was a Completly Randomized Design (CRD) factorial with two factors. The first factor was type of cover corps which were Centrosema pubescens and Pueraria javanica. The second factor was plant media composition which were 100% sand tailing, 60% sand tailing + 40%  mineral soil, and  95% sand tailing + 5% compost. The result showed that N content on sand tailing after harvesting applied by compost and mineral soil was not significant by difference. Meanwhile, P content on sand tailing applied by compost was higher than mineral soil application and/or control (100% sand tailing).Keywords: Compost, legominous crop, N and P nutrients, sand tailing [How to Cite: Budianta D, N Gofar and GA Andika. 2013. Improvement of Sand Tailing Fertility Derived from Post Tin Mining Using Leguminous Crop Applied by Compost and Mineral Soil. J Trop Soils 18 (3): 217-223. Doi: 10.5400/jts.2013.18.3.217][Permalink/DOI:




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