Permodelan Transport Timbal (Pb) Dan Khrom (Cr) Dalam Lindi Dengan Menggunakan Software Pollute V.7. Studi Kasus : Tpa Sanggrahan, Temanggung

Alfania Sekar F. • Badrus Zaman • Titik Istirokhatun
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Lingkungan • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Generally, leachate landfill contain a large number of hazardous compounds including heavy metals especially lead (Pb) and chromium (Cr) which can contaminate soil and groundwater around the landfill. Sanggrahan Landfill has implemented liner (base layer system) to prevent leachate leakage and migration of pollutants through landfill liners. This research describes the result of model transport Pb and Cr in leachate Sanggrahan Landfill using software Pollute v.7 for 12 years. Transport of contaminant which is observed in this model are the layer of gravel, geotextile, geomembrane, compacted soil and native soil of landfill. This transport simulation model resulted that concentration of Pb and Cr would be increasing from 1st to 12th year. Both of these contaminants are predicted to be worse and potentially contaminate groundwater around the landfill.




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