Pengaruh Manajemen Laba, Risiko Pasar dan Struktur Kepemilikan terhadap Nilai Pasar

Yenni Nuraeni • Rudi Haryanto
Journal article Jurnal Ekonomi & Bisnis PNJ • 2012 Indonesia


This Research aim is to test the effect of profit, risk and ownership structure management to the stock value and to know kind of risk and ownership structure that affect market value. Object of this research is non-financial public company registered in Indonesia Stock Exchange.The research data here uses secondary data from the auditor's financial statement of the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Other market and financial data obtained from OSIRIS database and Indonesian Capital Market Directory (ICMD) 2009-2010 period.Furthermore, the data about IHSG value and interest rate level Certificate of Bank of Indonesia (Sertifikat Bank Indonesia / SBI) obtained from Bank of Indonesia. Regression equation is used in order to test the hypothesis. The result, earnings management and systematic risk positively and significantly affecting market value. While institution ownership (not affected) and managerial ownership (affected) to market value and has a positive direction. Keywords: Manajemen Laba, Risiko, Kepemilikan, Nilai Pasar




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