Pengembangan Destinasi Mice di Jakarta dan YOGYAKARTA

Heri Setyawan • Djuni Akbar • Christina L. Rudatin
Journal article Jurnal Ekonomi & Bisnis PNJ • 2013 Indonesia


The purpose of this mapping activity of featured destination in Indonesia that has unequal power one and another then give illustration to local government and related stakeholder in globally competitive and continues MICE destination development. So that every MICE destination has its very own and unique profile in term of its potential. As the beginning of MICE destination development, there are destination such as Jakarta and Yogyakarta. There are 9 criterias and 68 indicators used to obtain the MICE destination mapping data in Indonesia. From the obtained data, Yogyakarta get the score 3,34 of 5, so that categorized as above of sufficient. Where Jakarta could be categorized as nearly good with the score 3,65 of 5. The next step is to get the feedback from the expert judgement from the MICE industry (PCO/PEO/other), where most of them located in Jakarta. Keyword: mice destination, Jakarta, Yogyakarta




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