Kajian Konsep Kebijakan Infrastruktur Strategis Untuk Pengendali Banjir Jakarta (Studi Kasus Giant Sea Wall Dan Multi Purpose Deep Tunnel)

Agung Wiyono • Hilda Isfanovi • Ahmad Gimmy Pratama
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Sipil ITB • 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


. Floods is a-must to be faced agenda by the government. However, the development of flood control infrastructure has not overcome floods in Jakarta. This study discusses the concept of policy plans and flood management infrastructure of sea wall and deep tunnels, simulation of decision-making in organizations with public policy theory: The Garbage Can a Model of Organizational Choice. Using comparative study, authors compare both infrastructure in the technical aspects, economic, environmental, social, and political, through qualitative and quantitative approaches to determine the most influential aspects. Analysis processed by the Analytical Hierarchy Process, Expert Choice and SPSS. The results showed difference in the consideration of the decision-making infrastructure. From the simulation of both types of infrastructure elections by using AHP, Expert Choice questionnaire and analysis, selected infrastructure is deep tunnel. In the analysis appears that the political aspect is regarded as the most influential aspect in decision making infrastructure. Which is not appropriate when a solution is needed to solve technical issues but politics was the main consideration and make solution becomes less relevant. This is proved by the simulation model of decision-making with a Garbage Can Theory of Organizational Choice models, where the simulation results show that the obtained solution for their supervision more than the obtained solution for their joint resolution.




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