Pembuatan Aplikasi Inventori Pada Toko Bangunan Wahyu Wonosari YOGYAKARTA Berbasis Android

Dwi Wahyu Wibowo • Emha Taufiq Luthfi
Journal article Data Manajemen dan Teknologi Informasi • 2011

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Building store Revelation is a company engaged in supplying various kinds of building materials. At this company there is a record keeping system inventory (inventory) are still running it manually, which in practice there are things that become obstacles, namely the effectiveness and efficiency in the process of entering data into the computer.With the above reasons, the writer will try to make an Android-based software applications. Where are making this application through various stages from finding a reference, locate and collect data, manufacture and testing of applications that can be made that the inventory is based on Android. These applications can run on phones that have minimal use Android operating system Android 2.2.Based on the results of the testing that was done, the application is implemented on Android-based phones can help the process of recording data inventory without bound constraints of space and time.




Data Manajemen dan Teknologi Informasi

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