Ritual Ya Gowiyu: Pergulatan Makna Modernitas, Agama, Budaya Lokal dan Kapitalisme

Mohammad Hasan Basri
Journal article El-Harakah • 2008

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


In this article, the loriter tries to analyze the contrast between modemity, religion, and culture. Shortly, the contrast between religious teaching (Islam) taught by Ki Ageng Gribig, modemity, and culture (Javanese) is shown in the rituals and social-economic life (capitalism spirit) ofjatinom Society, both symbolically and practically. Tlie contrast and meaning relation ofthe three domains not only result in conflict, tension, and resistance but also relation and new interpretation among the members of society, so that the celebration is held annually. Therefore, the process of interpretation and the dijferent economic, social, cultural, and politic influences will continusfrom time to time to match with the change experienced by -Jatinom society specifla Jh; mni the population around the area generally. The process of interpretation on religion has changed because ofits contrast with the value of modemity. In Jatinom society, the religious process has beenformed and influenced by modemity ideas, such as, the process ofrationalization on the rituals, that is, the decrease oftheir beliefin blessing in apem, but on the other side, they still preserve tlie rituals to honor their ancestors and customs. They also think that it is economically beneficial because ofthe visit of thousands ofpeople in the celebration.





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