Aplikasi Air (Aviation Information Rule) Berebasis Android Se-bagai Media Pembelajaran Praktis Dunia Penerbangan Studi Kasus: Komunitas Ilmu Terbanga

Bayu Dwi Setiawan • Emha Taufiq Luthfi
Journal article Data Manajemen dan Teknologi Informasi • 2015 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


Currently aviation is a job that is quite popular in Indonesia, the need for pilots and experts in the field of aviation continues to increase. And this makes the public interest and growing aviation world, but to support the development of the aviation world is very little information available and quite difficult to be able to. Most of the information was derived from the book are difficult to understand for people who are new to the world of aviation and information available on the internet inadequate. Those who are interested in the world of aviation, especially students and lovers of world aviation community in general difficulty in obtaining precise and accurate information. Possible for students who have a basic knowledge of the aviation world no difficulty in getting information, but for beginners it is something that is difficult. So in this paper the researchers want to try to analyze the main points of the existing problems. Researchers want to create an application that can help the user / users to easily obtain information about the world of aviation. Applications to be made must be implemented in android smartphone. The application will use the UML design that includes use cases, class, activity and sequence diagrams. the author would like to develop an android application on the aviation world that contains the history of aviation, in-flight terms and visual media such as images and video, as a support in learning media in an application that is very effective and efficient.




Data Manajemen dan Teknologi Informasi

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