Implementasi Pendidikan Karakter pada Mata Pelajaran Produktif Akuntansi di Smk Negeri 3 Surakarta

Septiana Tri Cahyani • Sri Witurachmi • Sohidin Sohidin


: This research was a qualitative descriptive study with a single strategy rooted. The samples in this study used purposive sampling. Source of data used is the respondent (informant), written sources, the source places and events. Data collection techniques used were interviews, observation, and document analysis. The validity of the triangulation of data sources and triangulation methods. While the data analysis technique used is an interactive model of analysis techniques. The results showed that the implementation of character education in the accounting productive subject in vocational high school 3 surakarta has been going pretty well with insert 18 value characters into the learning devices (Syllabus and RPP). However, there has not been the focus of development in the specific form of junior technician accounting character's in real action which commanded and exemplified by the teacher to the student. There are several obstacles and effort in implementation.




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