Upaya Smk Bidang Studi Bisnis Manajemen dalam Memenuhi Kebutuhan Softskill Dunia Industri

Reni Kusumastuti • Ngadiman Ngadiman • Sohidin Sohidin


The aims of this research are (1) to know about soft skills qualifications of SMK business management alumnus needed by industry, (2) to know about users' expectations of employers' soft skills from SMK business management alumnus, (3) to know about users' response of alumnus SMK towards soft skills of SMK business management alumnus, (4) to know response from SMK business management towards soft skill demand needed by industry.Research method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. Informants in this research are the head of SMK, vice of SMK's head in curriculum, head of BKK SMK, also factory HRD. The sampling technique used is purposive sampling and snowball sampling. Data collecting technique used are observation, interview and documentation. Validity techniques used in this research are triangulation of method and source. Technique of analyzing data used is interactive analysis.The results of this research conclude that there are 8 qualifications of soft skill needed by industry (DU/DI), 1) quick response to environment need, 2) good ability in team work, 3) good communication skill to other people, 4) creativity level, 5) spirit of work, 6) honesty, 7) discipline, and 8) good responsibility. The efforts are by synchronizing curriculum with industry (DU/DI) and applying characters education in the school




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