Peranan Koperasi Mitra Mandiri dalam Meningkatkan Produktivitas Sektor Pertanian di Kecamatan Mojolaban Kabupaten Sukoharjo Tahun 2013

Pipin Yanuari Astuti • Wahyu Adi • Sohidin Sohidin


Pipin Yanuari Astuti. THE ROLE OF KOPERASI MITRA MANDIRI TO IMPROVE AGRICULTURE SECTOR PRODUCTIVITY IN MOJOLABAN SUKOHARJO YEAR 2013. Thesis, Teacher Training and Education Faculty Sebelas Maret University Surakarta. June 2014.This research aims to know: (1) the role of Koperasi Mitra Mandiri to improve agriculture sector productivity in Mojolaban district, (2) the loan strategy Koperasi Mitra Mandiri in order to make the fund effective, (3) the constrain which faced by Koperasi Mitra Mandiri in improving agriculture sector productivity, and (4) the effort of Koperasi Mitra Mandiri to solve its constrains.This research used descriptive qualitative. The technique sampling used purposive sampling. The researcher did not decide total sample but decided the total informants to be interviewed. The informants were the board of Koperasi Mitra Mandiri and farmers in Mojolaban. The source of data was informants, places, events and document. The technique of collecting data was interview, observation, and documents. To valid the data used data triangulation. The technique of analyzing data used analysis interactive, which was data collection, data reduction, data display, and conclusion. The research procedure was (1) proposal arrangement, (2) research legalization, (3) data collection, (4) data analysis, and (5) report.The result of this research shows, (1) the increases of farmer production cost after got loan from Koperasi Simpan Pinjam Mitra Mandiri, then production result also increasing. Because production result is increasing so farmers' income and welfare are increasing too. (2) Koperasi Simpan Pinjam Mitra Mandiri has two guiding systems to clients so they can use the loan effectively, that are: (a) management financial guidance, and (b) direct monitoring to the clients' field of work. (3) The constrains faced by the clients during the activity are (a) the limitation of fund, (b) management, (c) credit stop. (4) Koperasi solved the constraints with various efforts, that are: (a) fund need fulfillment, (b) management improvement, and (c) credit collecting optimization.Based on the research result can be concluded that Koperasi Simpan Pinjam Mitra Mandiri has role to improve agriculture sector productivity in Mojolaban district trough loan which given to farmers.




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