Keberadaan Paud Little Sun Bagi Keluarga Miskin di Kelurahan Nusukan, Kecamatan Banjarsari Surakarta

Ellyane Jatining Panglipur


The purpose of this study is to (1) know the existence of PAUD Little Sun for poorfamilies in surrounding areas. (2) Know what kind of problem only faced by PAUDLittle Sun. (3). Find out the ways of PAUD Little Sun solves the problem.Thisresearch is located on PAUD Little Sun. Paud acceptable by local residents paud,because providing paud of being cheap and its location close to houses. Paud littlessun for local residents paud useful for anak-usia early, to train courage also learnmanners. Many problems that occurred in paud littles sun, but not so readilyapparent because the paud assume that problems exist can be resolved. Held ameeting of parties paud littles sun with the parents each. Thus, all these problems inthemselves early childhood soon be able to solve.




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