Perancangan Sistem Navigasi Otonom Pada Behavior Based Hexapod Robot

Handy Wicaksono • Prihastono Prihastono • Khairul Anam • Rusdhianto Effendi • Indra Adji Sulistijono 3 more
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Elektro Universitas Kristen Petra • September 2008 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Six legged robot (hexapod) has advantage over wheeled robot in its capability to walk over rough terrain. In this paper, hexapod mobility will be tested in order to measure its performance in walk through beam and stair. Behavior based architecture will be used in hexpod, so it can react quickly. Autonomous navigation application has been chosen here in order to prove that the architecture is running well. From simulation result, it can be seen that behavior based hexapod robot has good mobility (it can walk through obstacle that has 10 cm height) and it can accomplish its task to avoid the obstacles and find the light source.




Jurnal Teknik Elektro Universitas Kristen Petra

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