Analisis Yuridis Atas Tukar Guling (Ruilslag) Antara Tanah Aset Milik Kodam I/bukit Barisan Dengan PT Citra Agung Sejahtera Dan PT Globalindo Anugerah Lestari

Slamet Riyadi
Journal article Premise Law Journal • 2016


Land and building exchanging or swap owned by the State (ruilslag) is one of the alternatives made by the government agency; in this case, Kodam I/Bukit Barisan, in order to meet the needs of unit facilities in which the asset of Kodam I/Bukit Barisan is part of the State's property so that the swap should be based on the Directive of the Finance Minister No. 96/PMK.06/2007 on the Procedure of the Implementation of using, utilizing, eliminating, and transferring State-owned property which regulates the procedure of swap (ruilslag). BMN (State-owned property) can be conducted when; a. State-owned property like land and/or building is not in accordance with territorial and urban layout b. State-owned property is not used optimallyc. Scattered State-owned properties are assembledd. Implementation of the government/State strategic plan, ore. State-owned property besides land and/or building which is technologically left behind according to the need/condition/legal provisions




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