Implementasi Teori Ekologi Bronfenbrenner Dalam Membangun Pendidikan Karakter Yang Berkualitas

Mujahidah Mujahidah
Journal article Lentera: Jurnal Ilmu Dakwah dan Komunikasi • December 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages)


A range of criminal acts such as juvenile delinquency, sexual harassment, cheating, stealing, bullying in school, widespread access of porn videos, and others are skyrocketing nowadays. One of its trigger relates closely to the decreasing quality of children's character due to partial, instead of holistic, approach to the implementation of character education. The theory of developmental ecology is one of many theories aimed at explaining the development of children's character education by applying ecological approach. This approach operates in three subsystems; 1) Micro-system, 2) Eco-system, and Macro-system. Micro-system seeks the role of family, peers, school, and environment to character education. Eco-system seeks the role experiences within other social settings where children do not play active role but included in the development of character. Macro-system, in other hand, concerns to studies about the role of culture in character education.




Lentera: Jurnal Ilmu Dakwah dan Komunikasi

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