Peran Kiyai Haji Muhammad Amin Azhari dalam Penyebaran Islam di Kota Palembang

Haiban Waluyo • M. Hasan Asyari

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


After the death of Kyai Haji Abdullah Azhari who respected among the community of scholars in Palembang, especially in areas 3 and 4 Ulu, subsequently Islamic preaching continued by Kyai Haji Muhammad Amin Azhari. Amin Muhammad Azhari is a best student in advancing education and religious knowledge. The purpose of this study is to get an idea of the biography and the role of Kyai Haji Amin Azhari in term of Islamization in Palembang. The study found that Amin Azhari play a huge role in bringing together the split between ulama tuo and ulama mudo through the knowledge acquired from his teacher. Kyai Haji Muhammad Amin Azhari also active in Islamic dakwa toward urban citizen through the sermon. His preaching became very influential media in the Islamization of society in Palembang.




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