Role of Values and Environmental Concerns for the Sustainable Purchasing Behavior: Evidence From Pakistan

Fareeha Naz • Masood Ul-Hassan • Saiful Amin
Journal article Makara Hubs-Asia • December 2016 Pakistan

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(English, 10 pages)


Sustainable purchasing is an attempt to purchase greener, healthier, and more economical items from greener, more sustainable organizations. It is based on the idea that each and every buy has shrouded human wellbeing through natural and social effects and that it is possible to decrease unfavourable effects by purchasing better items. The motive of the present study was to identify the role of values and environmental concerns for sustainable purchasing behaviour of buyers in the Pakistani green market. With the help of reliable and valid Likert type self-administered questionnaires, data was collected from the sample of the people who claim to live green lifestyles and purchase green products. Results of Smart PLS path model confirm that values and environmental concerns have an influence on sustainable purchasing behaviour in the Pakistani green market. This study provides a greater insight to improve purchaser behaviour in the green market of Pakistan and will help to increase the trust of buyers towards the green market.




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