Perspektif Gender Dalam Tafsir Muhammad ‘Abduh

Muchamad Samsukadi
Journal article Maraji` Journal of Islamic Studies • September 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 24 pages)


This article explains what Muhammad ‘Abduh's interpretation on gender verses. According to ‘Abduh, Quran has broadly given same roles, duties and rights between men and women. However, sometimes the equal understanding has been forgotten by some mufasirs about verses dealing with leadership in household, polygamy, and inheritance. To ‘Abduh, in household, the relationship between husband and wife is mutualism-symbiosis. Functionally and structurally, it is lead by husband. Meanwhile, polygamy and inheritance are kinds of protection toward women's rights. Polygamy is forbidden to whom that has no ability to be fair, while inheritance has to be given equally and reasonably.