Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique Intervention to Reduce Pain in Cancer Patients

Mulia Hakam • Krisna Yetti • Rr Tutik Sri Hariyati
Journal article Makara Journal of Health Research • December 2009

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Spiritual emotional freedom technique (SEFT) represents an combination technique from body’s energy system and spiritual therapy by tapping at certain points of the body. SEFT focuses on certain words or sentences pronounced several times in a rhythm, follows by resignation to God as in patients’ belief. This research was aimed to explore the effect of SEFT intervention to reduce of cancer pain patients at the Dr Soetomo General Hospital in Surabaya. Quasi experimental were used in this study using pre test and post test design with control group. Samples, 20 respondents (in 2 groups) were recruited using consecutive sampling. The intervention group received SEFT intervention combined with analgesic therapy and the control group given only analgesic therapy. SEFT intervention implemented after administrating analgesic, for 5-10 minutes every day during five days. Pain was measured using numeric rating scale (NRS). The combination SEFT intervention and analgesic therapy was more effective than only analgesic therapy. SEFT can be employed for cancer patients to relieve their pain. Nursing intervention with SEFT encourages nurse’s role autonomy and steps to reduce patient’s dependency on analgesic therapy.