Keterkaitan Kebiasaan Mahasiswa Menggunakan Mobil Ke Kampus Dengan Karakteristik Demografi, Ekonomi, Dan Perjalanan Mahasiswa Ke Kampus

Rudy Setiawan • Wimpy Santosa • Ade Sjafruddin
Journal article Jurnal Transportasi • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


The most common daily trips for university students are the commuting trips to campus. Although there are clear environmental, economic, and social drawback from using private vehicles for these trips, students still choose private vehicles to get to campus. This study discusses the relationship between students' car use habit with a variety of demographic, economic, and trip characteristics. This study is expected to provide benefits in the design of campus transportation policies to reduce trips to the campus by cars. The results indicate that there are relationship between the habit of using a car to campus with gender and the city of residence. In addition, there is a significant relationship between the students' car use habit with campus, years of study, the distance from residence, residence status, car ownership, frequency of trips to the campus per day, car accessibility, and car USAge behavior in the previous semester.