Analisis Dampak Beban Overloading Kendaraan Pada Struktur Rigid Pavement Terhadap Umur Rencana Perkerasan (Studi Kasus Ruas Jalan Simp Lago – Sorek Km 77 S/D 78)

Leo Sentosa • Asri Awal Roza
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Sipil ITB • 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


. As one of the state road, Jalan Lintas Timur Sumatra have an important role in the development of national economy. Primarily on Lago - Sorek section, there are several industrial areas such as pulp and paper mills, and Crude Palm Oil (CPO). A recurring problem is the damage to roads and reduction of age service life, this is often caused by overloaded vehicles. Rigid pavement evaluation conducted at Lago - Sorek road section at Km 77-78. AASHTO 1993 method used to evaluate the structure of rigid pavement on the road. The results showed that the load axis is more than 17.98% vehicles exceeding the maximum axle load. Based on the cumulative ESAL overload conditions the decline in the age of 8 years of service life of 20 year design life. If calculated using the equation Remaining life of the AASHTO 1993, a reduction in service life of the age of 25.94%.




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